Myrrh-Bearing Women Sunday (Number 4)

Yes – it has come and gone as though with the blink of an eye.  We were here and have seen the results, but now the greatest Christian Holy Day, (Christ’s Resurrection) is over for another year, and we will await for the next year for its return to remind us of the Greatest mystery – His Resurrection. We greeted our relatives and friends with the greeting: “Christ is Risen!” and replied “Indeed He is Risen!”  We listened to the happy and glorious hymns of the celebration and never tiring of hearing: “Christ is Risen from the dead, trampling down death by death and among those in the tombs, bestowing life.”  Having come through the last days of Christ including His Resurrection, are we ready to continue the work of Christ’s Church?

Someone may say that we have helped, now maybe someone else should take over.  No beloved, there is no “someone else” for we are “the someone else.”  We as Christians must live by the rules of the church and God’s Ten Commandments.  I’m sure that by your age you are now, you know that living by the laws of the church was not easy two thousand years ago and it is not easy today.  True, today we have all kinds of conveniences which the people in the Old Testament and for nearly nineteen hundred years they did not have what we have today, but it seems they fared much better then, than we do today.

Let each one ask himself/herself how much they have done for God and His Church in the past year.  You know that in business people often take stock to learn and know if they are making money, are they losing money or are they the same – never change.  The Church also has made provision in our daily lives to take stock of ourselves.  The Church has put a few periods of Fast (Lent) and with the hope that at the end of the fast period each member may look at himself/herself and see if he/she made any headway in being a better Christian.  To be a perfect Christian is not simple even though Christ said that we should be perfect as His Father is Perfect in Heaven.   Therefore you shall be perfect,  just as your Father in heaven is perfect.”  (Matthew 5:48) In the Old Testament there were a few nearly perfect people; Abel, Noah, Abraham and others.  Abel was almost perfect because God was pleased with Abel and accepted Abel’s gift while he refused to accept Cain’s gift.  Why you ask?  Because God always wants the best.  When the two brothers brought their gift’s to God, Abel had picked out the best lamb he had in his flock and brought that to God.  Cain on the other hand offered God as we should say, “second best” and kept the better for himself.  When it is something to be done or given to God it must be the best.

Then how about Abraham.  We say in the Lord’s Prayer: “Lead us not into temptation.”  Some may say that God lead Abraham into temptation when he asked Abraham to sacrifice his son on an altar to God.  What would you do if tonight God came to your place and asked you to sacrifice your child?  God asked Abraham to take his son Isaac into a mountain, kill him and burn him.  If tonight God came and told you to do the same, would you do it?  No God did not lead Abraham into temptation, but God was trying out Abraham’s faith, to see if Abraham really loved God more or his son.  How strong is your faith towards God?  Poor Abraham was baffled and as we would say, was not sure of himself if God was really talking to him.  He took his son to the top of the mountain, had him bound and placed on the altar he built, and with his knife in his hand he was ready to sacrifice his son when all of a sudden God’s voice from heaven came as thunder – telling not to kill his son.  After Abraham and Isaac were again back in themselves, they noticed a ram caught with his horns in the brush which they sacrificed (offered) for God.

Today is the second Sunday after Christ’s Resurrection called “The Myrr-Bearing Women.”  Those women sacrificed their time and money for Christ and they were awarded being the first people to know that Christ had risen from the dead.  They sacrificed their money which they may have been saving for some other use, but used that money to buy spices to anoint Christ’s Body.  When Christ was buried Friday, the following day was Sabbath and as the Bible says it was a “High Day” so everything was closed, so where did they get the articles they needed to anoint the Body?  “Where there is a will, there is a way.”  Then they sacrificed their time.  While everyone was asleep, they were already awake and on the road to Christ’s tomb.  They did not complain to anyone that they had to do that.  They did it with joy knowing that it had to be done.

That is why today as we celebrate this Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women, we can also think of ourselves: “AND WHAT HAVE I SACRIFICED FOR MY CHURCH AND GOD?”  Remember the late United States of America President John Kennedy’s address: He said: “Don’t ask what your country has done for you, but rather, what have you done for your country.”  In place of the word country put the word church and see what you have done for your church.   The day is coming of the Last Judgement and God will ask us what we sacrificed for and did for Him?  May God bless each with the richness of health and good being for many long years to continue to serve our church each and every day.

“He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for My sake shall find it.”  (Matthew 10:39)